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Mike L.

"Eric, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you, with regards to partnering up on our project staffing needs for our construction teams, here in the DFW area. I look forward to our continued effort to staff up our needs here, and thank you for sending quality people our way. Also appreciate your follow up to ensure the new team members are who you told us they would be. They have worked out well. I would highly recommend any firm to use you." - Mike Leopold, Hiring Manager

Andrew S.

"Eric is an amazing guy. Willing to work with you to find the right place where you can find what you are looking for. He has always had great timing and helped me find an amazing position. I would highly recommend talking with him if you are interested in making a move." - Andrew Sauls, Project Manager

Dan B.

"Eric and I worked together for the better part of 5 years; serving in different roles, although we were a part of the same team. Eric was directly responsible for my success with clients and did an incredible job. Through his cultivation of relationships with key leaders and stakeholders he made the job of recruitment delivery much easier. Eric demonstrated a knack for moving viable business though his sales funnel, which, in turn, allowed my team to work with clients that were already committed to the hiring process. Eric has a very consultative and personal approach. He is direct and not afraid to push back to bring about a more comprehensive perspective. Lastly, one of the things that I enjoyed most while working with Eric was: just as much as he was able to inform and educate, he was equally open to trying new things and amiable to new ideas. I enjoyed working with Eric and recommend him highly." - Dan Bonner, CPSP, Corporate Recruiter

Jorge V.

"I had the pleasure of working with Eric from Integrity Recruiting and he impressed me from day one and has continued to impress me ever since. Eric is bright, energetic, and has the ability to help people achieve their goals. Eric is also a forward-thinking individual with an incredibly warm personality. His attention to detail and desire to succeed make him an excellent recruiter. It was truly a joy working with Eric." - Jorge Valdez, Assistant Project Manager

Adam A.

"I reached out to Eric during a time of real frustration in my career. I was underutilized and being ushered in a direction away from what brought fulfillment to me in my work. Eric consulted with me through several conversations over the course of about two weeks gathering information and building an accurate understanding of who I am. Lastly, Eric connected me with the company that he felt was the best fit for ME and it has changed my life. Eric is a master at his profession." - Adam Abshire, Construction Estimator

Michael A.

"I've had the privilege of working with Eric during my tenure at Good Samaritan Healthcare. His breadth of IT knowledge and experience were a real asset and an important part of all of our projects. I considered Eric a critical part of my team. He's an outstanding team player, who always handles himself in a professional manner. I highly recommend Eric." - Michael Ahlman, Hiring Manager

Jesus S.

"I am pleased to write a personal and professional recommendation to Eric. He is an expert in recruiting the adequate candidate for the job. Eric takes the time to get to know you personally to find what’s best for you and the client. Eric goes in depth in every aspect of your needs and concerns as well as what the clients are looking for. He is direct and precise when it comes to the correct job fit, but most importantly he cares about you and he shows it by his dedication. Eric is also a great advisor and true professional." - Jesus Saldago, Project Manager

Greg J.

"Eric helped get me placed in a very short amount of time. He did a fantastic job and worked very diligently to get it done. I really can't say enough for how much I appreciate his help. the communication was superb!!" - Greg Joiner, Superintendent

M. L. W.

"Eric is very intuitive and is willing to ensure clients as well as the potential candidates needs are met." - M. L. Williams, Assistant Project Manager

Eric Seeley


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